Session 100

Coopetition Tension: Emerging Conceptual Issues

Track C

Date: Monday, September 13, 2010


Time: 09:45 – 11:00


Room: Bramante 1

Session Chair:

  • Elena Rocco, University Ca' Foscari Venice


Abstract: Coopetition is extremely challenging due to diametrically opposing forces: value creation vs. appropriation, creation of common benefits vs. getting the larger proportion of the benefits, collaboration for common goal vs "race" to learn, and so on. These opposing forces create a lot of tension in coopetition relationships. This panel discussion will engage researchers from around the world to explore and understand coopetition tensions and will identify directions for future research. The panel consists of scholars with research expertise in coopetition, strategic alliances, competitive dynamics, and other related areas as well as an executive with experience in managing coopetition. The presentations will address issues from individual, group, organizational, and inter-organizational levels of analysis and will share and explore various conceptual perspectives on the topic.

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