Welcome From The Program Chairs

Dear Colleagues:

picture of Giambattista Dagnino Giambattista Dagnino University of Catania

picture of Rosario Faraci Rosario Faraci University of Catania

picture of Gianmario Verona Gianmario Verona Bocconi University

picture of Maurizio Zollo Maurizio Zollo Bocconi University

For this 30th Annual International Conference of the Strategic Management Society we are delighted to invite you to Rome, the eternal city, for a collective reflection on what our field has accomplished during these three decades, and on the scholarly challenges before us. On this occasion, the conference theme is in fact Strategic Management at the Crossroads.

The directors for each of the twelve conference tracks have concluded the invitations for the proposals in the parallel sessions and it promises to be an exciting program with lots of cutting edge research being presented.

In addition to these parallel paper, common ground, and panel sessions, here are a few highlights of the plenary sessions at the Rome SMS Conference:

Mario Monti, (Bocconi University) and Emma Macegaglia (Italian Manufacturers Association) will offer our keyonote address on the Future of Competition: Linking the Macro with the Micro.

Jay Barney (Ohio State University), Ed Freeman (University of Virginia), Jeff Harrison (University of Richmond) and Russ Coff (Emory University) will offer a plenary on SMS Evolving: Presenting the New Interest Groups on Human Capital and Stakeholder Strategy.

Connie Helfat (Dartmouth College), Kathleen Eisenhardt (Stanford University), Michael Hitt (Texas A&M), Will Mitchell (Duke University), Margie Peteraf (Dartmouth College), David Teece (Berkeley Research Group) and Sydney Winter (University of Pennsylvania) will discuss Microfoundations, Macrofoundations and Strategic Change in Diverse Contexts: Dynamic Capabilities at the Crossroads.

Sergio Bertolucci (CERN) and Timo Santalainen (Aalto University) will offer a plenary on Big Physics, Small Particles and Bridging Communities: How does CERN Connect the Micro and Micro Worlds?

For the second year at conference we will also feature a variety of Showcase Panels. As in recent years, the conference also offers a number of interesting sessions related to the SMS’ Teaching Initiative as well as many creative sessions on Sunday designed by the Interest Groups.

The conference also promises to have an interesting social program in this eternal city. On Monday, there will be an evening at the Vittoriano Monument. On Tuesday evening, there will be a reception sponsored by the University of Catania.

We want to give special thanks to all the track chairs, the 500 reviewers, the session chairs, the SMS board and the team at the SMS Executive Office. Also we thank SAMS, Bocconi University and the University of Catania for their sponsorship of the conference. Because of all of your efforts, the conference program is very rich with exciting papers and events. We encourage you to take part in this international conference, and we very much look forward to welcoming you to Rome in September!


Giambattista Dagnino
Rosario Faraci
Gianmario Verona
Maurizio Zollo

Strategic Management Society